Focus on Progress, Not Perfection.

personal reflections Apr 14, 2023

On the path to healing we all have these peak experiences: ceremonies, cleanses, moments of enlightenment and clarity, sessions and retreats that shake the very core of our being and our perception of reality....but what happens when we return to our “real” lives? To the daily struggles, former food habits and relationships, those things that challenge our will and make the profound healing moments seem so distant and inaccessible?

And that’s where the mantra “progress, not perfection” wields its power. The little things, the formation of new habits, the daily choices - these seemingly inconsequential acts add up to BIG results and make the integration of those peak experiences possible and meaningful.

Keep going, step off the path, step back on, fall apart, put yourself back together, eat the bacon, drink the celery juice, get angry, learn to forgive- all of these acts further your progress towards true transformation, your greater health goals, and your highest self. 

This is my progress, not perfection story. The photo on the left was taken in 2016 - two years after I hit rock bottom. At this point I had already been to my first ayahuasca retreat, was living in Hawaii, had several incredible revelations, lost a little bit of weight, and had everything I needed to facilitate real change in my life and my health. And still....I was 15-20 pounds heavier than I am now, stagnant in my career, struggling with depression, hormonal imbalances, and digestive issues, and disengaged from the people in my life. I looked happy to everyone else but what really mattered was that I didn’t FEEL aligned. I was heading in the right direction but I didn’t have anyone to guide me or hold me accountable. I was frustrated because it didn’t really seem like I was making progress.

My obsessive attention to detail and holding myself to an unrealistically high standard has both served me and hurt me in the past. No matter what I accomplished, how clean my diet was, how many days I exercised, the strides I made in school, work, relationships, etc I never felt like I was enough. Once something was finished I moved on without feeling any sense of pride or taking a beat to thank myself. Why couldn’t I love, accept, and appreciate myself the way I did with others? Looking back I wish I could wrap my arms around my former self and say, "be proud of yourself every step of the way, have faith in your determination, and trust that you are exactly where you need to be in your journey."

I still have my days when I struggle with wanting everything to be exactly right - to look a certain way, say the right thing, be the person everyone needs me to be but then I remember that it is enough to just be myself and that all I have to do is trust that my heart is in the right place. 

That being said, throughout my journey I kept wishing there was someone to tell me that what I was experiencing was normal, temporary, and that things would get better if I just kept going. So, I’m here to help you in your journey to wellbeing, to remind you that every step is significant whether it’s forward, backwards, or sideways. It’s normal to feel lost but I mean it when I say that I can guide you because I have walked this path myself and I know the way to freedom, health, purpose, and true joy.


Here are a few suggestions for small, yet powerful actions you can start taking TODAY:

  1. Meditate! Are you ready to develop a consistent and profound practice that only takes ten minutes a day? Sign up for my FREE 7 Day Meditation Challenge. Click HERE!
  2. Focus on this mantra: "I take imperfect action. It is okay to make mistakes while learning. I release myself from the burden of being perfect."

  3. Eat fruit prior to each meal and vegetables/greens with each meal
  4. Add lemon to your water. 
  5. Turn your phone and computer off when the sun goes down.
  6. Text three people you care about and tell them you love and appreciate everything they bring into your life. 

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The path I chose wasn’t perfect, but I made progress and with the right support, healing system, and accountability you can experience a radical transformation in your life too 🦋




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