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The strength of this program lies in the community of women who sustain it.

I created The Balanced Woman because I had one woman after another coming to me struggling with painful periods, PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, headaches, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia, poor relationships with food and their body, feeling disconnected from their lives, their partners, their children and so much more.

What these women all had in common is that they wanted to heal naturally and holistically and take control of their health, their emotions, and their lives. 

These are their stories of growth and transformation....

Becc D.

"After not having my period for a VERY long time, it came back two months into the program! Even though I "fall off" often, I continually feel the pull to get back on track. My weight had been a problem for quite some time and in just a few weeks I lost several kilograms. I’m craving less sweet stuff and I’m so much more motivated. During the program it felt like everything was falling into place, I wasn't procrastinating and instead I was taking more action and focusing on getting better at doing a little bit of everything. Everything is brighter and I'm more clear headed, I can finally see the light." 

Jeannie H.

I lived with pain for so long with endometriosis and finding Hana felt like it was meant to be. This program came at a point in my life when a lot of difficult things were happening and the knowledge and tools I learned helped me process it all in a healthy way. Now I can focus on the present moment and the future because I’m no longer being held back by my physical pain.”


Alia F.

"I came to The Balanced Woman because I had a desire for lasting peace, personal and professional growth, and emotional balance. The woman I wanted to be just seemed out of my reach, visible but inaccessible. But now, I am grounded, centered, and connected. My relationships have been transformed as well as my work. I just love Hana so much and feel honored to be in her energy. It’s truly priceless what she has encouraged out of me through her wisdom, methods, and guidance."

Emi K.

"The programĀ Hana has put together for us has been truly incredible. The medical issues I was struggling with when we started I haven't experienced AT ALL! Every tool that I've come back to time and time again has been incredible, I have full agency of my body and my emotions. I feel so reconnected with my vision and my ideas of how I can support my community. And the energyĀ that I've gotten from being in balance has helped me connect with my mission!

Waking up without dread every single morning has been incredible, I've been feeling dread every day since I was 10 years old and here I am, 33, able to wake up without that because of so many of the changes that The Balanced Woman has helped me through. I'm so grateful!"


Isabella C.

"Before I met Hana I had been on a self-discovery journey for over 13 years. I had been working on myself and continuously searching for something that would help alleviate my heavy periods and other symptoms I would later discover had to do with my hormones. Unfortunately in 2016 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and after 5 surgeries I was left with no uterus, fallopian tubes, or cervix. I was still at a loss because my hormones were still unbalanced and I was still suffering. When I came across Hana's work I reached out to her because I was desperate to understand myself and figure out a way to really heal myself once and for all. The internal work never stops but Hana helped me overcome a lot of blockages I had been ignoring and putting aside. Through our work together I was able to finally fully accept myself for who I am, really accept myself with all my imperfections, I was able to meet myself where I was at and learn how to balance my hormones. My only regret was not meeting Hana sooner. And although I no longer have a uterus or get my periods I still have hormones and it's just as important to live a balanced life and learn how to balance my hormones in order to truly heal all the other symptoms. For any woman out there struggling with PCOS, hormonal imbalances, heavy periods, weight gain, low energy please consider joining The Balanced Woman. While I still have work to do, I would not have accomplished what I have in such a short amount of time if it wasn't for Hana and this amazing group of women. I had a breakthrough that changed me forever, I accepted myself for who I am instead of living in the shadows as I have most of my adult life."



Vahine F.

“After only one session I saw a change in my body. I immediately had less pain in my back, less bloating, and I went through my period almost like a normal day. It was such a relief! The last period I experienced, I had no symptoms at all! Hana, you saved me!”

Ellen B.

"I’ve truly learned that your body holds all the energy it ever needed naturally, within.
To gently let go of my daily habits & programmed beliefs that didn't serve me, and welcome in the transformation of a new way of life, new ways of thinking, new daily habits, new foods to fuel this body…it has been one of the greatest gifts I've given myself.
I knew I was meant to be here in this container with Hana when I felt a mind, body, soul ‘yes’ to her story. Three months later I feel as if my mind, body and soul transformed through the deep cleanse that is this work, if you allow it.
I feel free. I feel clear. I feel love. I feel energized. I am so grateful for Hana and her dedication to women living happier, healthier, fuller, balanced lives."

Taylor G.

“Hana has been an incredible resource for me on my journey with PCOS. After I was diagnosed last year she explained what was causing my PCOS and provided me with easily applied at-home methods. She has taught me how to listen to my body and how to understand its needs.”

Doris M.

"For years I have been searching for a way to combat perimenopause and menopause symptoms. But regardless of what I ate, or didn't eat, or how physically active I was, I still gained weight, suffered hot flashes, brain fog, sleepless nights…just to name a few.

However, the universe works in beautiful ways. Serendipitously, Hana fell into my lap and it’s been an incredible journey ever since. In our one on one sessions, she meticulously paves the road for an easy and dynamic way to come back home to my self and my body. My sessions with Hana are an absolute wealth of information. With her graceful and calm tone, she has built this amazing program that leads to wonders.

Hana is an absolute gift to women struggling to figure any and all aspects of their lives. For the first time, in years, I have started to shed the weight and feel comfortable in my own skin again. Hana and her amazing gift have nourished me to feel connected and rewarded by my body.

oh PS. The skirt that I couldn't fit into anymore, FITS again...in a couple of short months!"

Karen Marie S.

"So much has changed. I’ve learned so much from Hana and this program and all the beautiful women that are so supportive and  non- judgmental. That alone fills my heart with joy and  yet I still feel like it’s only the tip of the iceberg. 
The tools, meditations, journaling and all the information is seriously priceless.  I’ve learned so much about where my boundaries are and now I’m working on making it happen."

Sunny Z.

"I'm so thankful every week to be a part of such an amazing community of women you have brought together.  My life has COMPLETELY (not exaggerating!) transformed in the last couple of months, I'm just energized and excited by life again. I've been sticking to the healthy recipes/mindsets you always remind us of, and I've lost all my covid weight gain from being unhealthy from my last job/phase of life, like I'm getting back to the healthy/happy place I was a couple years ago, and doing even better now - being sober and just SO incredibly clear headed."

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Jaylynn W.

“I came to this program struggling with anxiety and depression on a daily basis and I didn’t realize how deeply rooted it was in my daily life. With this program I have learned to recognize and acknowledge these feelings and now have expansive toolkit to work through these issues and resolve them. I now approach every day with resilience, feeling centered and calm, even when stressful and overwhelming situations come up.”

Tali B.

I’ve been in such a routine of fearing my period every month and how it makes me feel and it is such a relief to think of it as an introverted time and to embrace it. Now I let myself be home and say no to plans and it is such a relief and a good time! I know it’s only going to get better and I’m so happy this came into my life!!!"

Caitlin D.

"After going off of birth control after being on it for 10 years I was all out of whack and I didn't know how to get back on track. It was crippling, I tried supplements, mediation, breath work, but none of it actually helped. I knew I needed a coach to help me. Hana creates such a safe space, I feel like I am able to speak my truth, and also share about my past experiences without feeling judged."

Learn my unique Balanced Woman System to heal your hormones naturally, create an abundance of radiant energy, and love every inch of who you are.

Become A Balanced Woman

Joyce Y.

“I’ve developed an awareness that wellness is not restrictive. I used to associate health and wellness as solely physical and tied to restrictive diets -- it's been freeing to learn how to listen to my body and to choose it for myself. Simplifying the process behind meals has been a huge gamechanger! I came to The Balanced Woman because I wanted to address my gut imbalances and overall wellness and I’ve experienced marked improvements. I'm conscious of how physical and emotional nourishment impacts wellness and as a result, I’m more intentional about exercise and diet. Having clarity around my hormonal cycle has helped address how to care for and listen to my body. Hana is high energy and and has created easily accessible graphs and charts, a good support network, and simplified action items."

Jade T.

“There was such power in this group of women. We all saw ourselves in each other, heard ourselves in each others’ stories and were there supporting and lifting each other up along the way. Self healing can often feel lonely and isolating, but in this group you felt lifted, comforted and supported.”

Nicole G.

"I resonated with so much of what Hana had struggled with - feeling tired, trying different diets, heavier, moody. I wanted to make a change for myself, but didn’t know how. In the past three months my chronic migraines have totally disappeared and I have so much more energy that before! I’ve had significantly less flare ups of my hormonal/cystic acne, after being told by my dermatologist that there was “nothing I could do” for it! I’m also feeling mentally stronger than ever. Going into this program I was honestly focusing on my body, but I ended up learning so much about how my body can impact my mind and how I can support myself through meditation. I left each weekly session feeling recharged and energized mentally and spiritually!"

Michelle L.

"This past year Hana has educated and motivated me to make a total lifestyle change with my diet and exercise. Not only was my physical health suffering, but so was my mental health. She has truly opened my eyes to how I look at nutrition and how food really is the most effective medicine. Hana’s passion for healing is inspiring."

Kristin R.

"Fate brought me to Hana and The Balanced Woman. I have more energy, consciousness of self-care, less muscle & neck soreness, less headaches, choose more nourishing foods, and feel empowered. Hana has provided me with the framework, a whole quiver of new foods, routines, tools, ideas to nourish my body mind & soul.  It is such a joy to spend time with Hana and the other women in the group, they are such a joy to work with and see on a weekly basis."

Valerie K.

“My cycle was irregular and painful and after being disappointed with the options my doctor recommended I sought a natural solution. I discovered that my symptoms could be treated and vastly improved with The Balanced Woman System.”

Leilani L.

"I absolutely loved this program and the community Hana built. She has started something so pure and amazing with these women she have brought together.

For years I have struggled with viewing myself in a negative light. I haven’t been able to look in the mirror and appreciate my own reflection. I have gone years with no period and an unhealthy relationship with food. Through this program and the support of this wonderful community, I have established a health relationship with food and been able to learn to love myself once again. Hana has reminded me that we are all unique and we are here to share our individual gifts with the world. Through the weekly workshops, journaling exercises, meditation, I have been able to be vulnerable with myself and truly understand how I lost myself throughout the years. I am so happy with where I am now after her program.

My husband and I are in a place where we are starting to try for a family and I don’t think I would have been ready for this without Hana's help. I have been able to open up to him more about how I am feeling and by being able to be vulnerable with him it has brought us even closer together.

I am so grateful for everything she has done for me. Thank you so much Hana, from the bottom of my heart!
I will continue to work on my self and practice everything I’ve learnt from you."

Brisa H.

"I have a much better grasp and understanding of my body and the various hormonal fluctuations and changes I experience. I've come to embrace my periods as my superpower and it has really helped me shift out of a victim state of mind. 

Now, when I'm not feeling my best I know how to reset my mind and give my body what it needs. I just feel so happy and balanced." 


Jenny J.

"I have grown and outgrown so much. When I came to The Balanced Woman I was frustrated with not having a consistent period and unable to track my cycle- as I was spotting with just getting off birth control. I can say that I now know when my period is and that is HUGE. Now when I'm on my period the emotions and moods associated with it is extremely noticeable in the best way."

It's finally time to put your health and your needs first.

Become A Balanced Woman

Jen C.

"You know how people say "things happen for a reason", "show me a sign", or "ask and you shall receive?" Well that's exactly what Hana's Program is for me. Not only does Hana create a safe and supportive environment, she comes packed with so much knowledge and ideas you just want to absorb it all. I learned so much about myself and trusting the process. I have personally have had a variety of health and emotional issues which have been ignored and denied for so long I refused to acknowledge them for years. The Balanced Woman Program gave me the tools, confidence, and support to flip the switch and turn my world rightside up. I've learned ways to cope with my anxiety, and depression which led to ditching the meds as well as balancing my hormones which was the BIGGEST life change. Imagine losing the fear of doing the things you love because you not only felt good, but you saw yourself in a brighter light. I am so grateful to Hana and this program and I will continue to practice all that I have learned."

Anneke B.

"Hana has not only helped me become a better person, but she has helped guide me through life to show me how to reach my full potential. She has taught me which vegetables, herbs and foods can affect different parts of my body. Within days I started noticing improvement in my mood, energy levels, and digestion.”

Ariel H.

"I didn't think that ten sessions would be enough but by the end of it I couldn't believe how far I had come and how much had changed. I feel so at peace and in the flow now whereas before I felt so tight and constricted. I'm finally being unapologetic about what I want in life."

Kate M.

"My skin cleared up in 3 weeks even without being strict on the cleanse or doing things perfectly. I've created a huge, color coordinated balanced woman binder with all of the content Hana has created so I can step up the hormonal part!"

Heimiti F.

"I’ve struggled with a lot of body image issues and disordered eating habits since the first quarantine in 2020. It was really hard for me to find the “balance” of what being healthy actually was. I was constantly feeling guilty of what I was eating, of what I should and shouldn’t eat and how much no matter what it was! It was so tiring and it had such a huge impact on my mental and physical health, my surfing, but also my social life. Ignoring what my body was telling me I needed definitely increased my menstrual pain. My sister, Vahine, had started working with Hana and saw changes immediately in everything, not just the menstrual pain, but also she was glowing like I’ve never seen her before!!! So I finally decided to get professional help and my journey with Hana began! It feels so good to finally be guilt-free and free from all of those negative thoughts that were holding me back from properly experiencing things in life without constantly thinking about food like it was an enemy. It took me a year and a half to seek professional help and it wasn’t easy, but I wish I would have reached out to Hana way sooner!"

Kerri S.

"When I first met Hana, I had just returned from a trip to the ER for sudden very high blood pressure. It was clear something was wrong, and I needed to do something. After meeting Hana, she showed me a different way of looking at my health, through focusing on principles of Chinese medicine and balancing hormones. This was a learning experience, and, little by little, it changed my life. I changed my eating habits, exercise habits, began to meditate, practice qi gong, and noticed this amazing transformation to a lifestyle, honoring by body, spirit, and mind, and — consequently, my health. Working with Hana was wonderful-- no pressure, and above all, no judgment. I have always been a fast-faced person, in my private and professional life; after woking with Hana, I started to appreciate the slow deep breaths. I would highly recommend Hana to anyone struggling with health issues, or even to those seeking to improve their existing good health. This was a life-changer, and I am grateful to this amazing soul."

Janis L.

“She was able to do more in one session than months of trying to heal via traditional ways. I trust her completely with my body and spirit and highly recommend her and her programs to other women who are seeking healing and a lifestyle change. She has healed my digestion, brought balance to my hormonal cycle and eased pain that I learned to live with throughout my life."

Liz F.

“Hana is always so thorough and really spends the time to understand the root cause of any issue I’m having, rather than simply treating symptoms. Her knowledge of women’s and hormonal health, the impact of certain foods on the body and many other topics is both impressive and comforting, as I know that I am in the care of of a professional with a true passion for her practice.” 

Molly F.

“Hana’s attentiveness and genuine desire to help her clients is unmatched! Beyond the physical benefits, you will leave each session with peace of mind knowing you have someone who will listen and do everything she can to help you be and feel your best.”

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Become A Balanced Woman