Heal Your Hormones, Manage Your Stress, Improve Your Sleep Quality, and Elevate Your Mood in Just
10 Minutes a Day!

Heal Your Hormones, Manage Your Stress, Improve Your Sleep Quality, and Elevate Your Mood in Just
10 Minutes a Day!


Balance Your Hormones

7 Day Meditation Challenge!

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Balance Your Hormones

7 Day Meditation Challenge!

In this transformative weeklong challenge you will...

  • Receive an email from me every morning for 7 days with action steps that will guide you to a place of balance, self-mastery, and stability. 

  • Develop a consistent practice that will dramatically improve your quality of life with minimal effort. 

  • Receive supportive and inspiring insights directly to your inbox along with unique healing meditations and exercises that are yours to keep. 

  •  AND a BONUS 30 minute Full Moon breathwork, meditation, and soundbath ceremony!

Karen Marie S.

"The tools, meditations, journaling and all the information is seriously priceless. I’ve learned so much about where my boundaries are and now I’m working on making it happen."

Nicole G.

"I’m feeling mentally stronger than ever. Going into this I was honestly focusing on my body, but I ended up learning so much about how my body can impact my mind and how I can support myself through meditation."

Leilani L.

"Through the journaling exercises and meditation, I have been able to be vulnerable with myself and truly understand how I lost myself throughout the years. I am so happy with where I am now after her program."

Meditation changed my life and I know it can change yours too.

In 2014 I felt lost. I was depressed, heavier than I had ever been, directionless, and disconnected from myself, my relationships, and the world around me. My mood was unstable, my period inconsistent, I was deeply tired no matter what, and my body ached for no apparent reason.
I tried one diet and exercise regime after another, saw doctors, therapists, naturopaths, and nutritionists but nothing produced lasting effects until I focused on healing my hormones with a holistic approach.

I really began to experience profound changes in my health (hormonally, physically, mentally, and emotionally) when I focused deeply on the inner work. The answers I needed in order to cultivate self-love and heal my body were buried deep within, but I needed a road map to get there. That’s what meditation became for me, it has been my companion and guide throughout this entire healing journey.

Since 2014, I’ve shed my layers of weight, balanced my hormones, worked through my blockages, created new emotional patterns, discovered peace within myself, found purpose in my life, and I am ready to serve women EVERYWHERE so that they may heal as I have.

 I am a licensed and board certified Acupuncturist in New York and North Carolina and a certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Through my signature online program, The Balanced Woman, I empower women to heal their bodies, master their emotions, and transform their lives through Eastern Medicine and Hormonal Balancing. 

What can happen in just 10 minutes a day?

A revolution of your body, mind, and soul!

  • Healthier hormonal balance

  • Improved sleep quality

  • A steadier mood

  • More satisfying relationships and friendships

  • Increased energy levels

  • Better equipped to manage stress

Brisa H.

"I have a much better grasp and understanding of my body and the various hormonal fluctuations and changes I experience. I've come to embrace my periods as my superpower and it has really helped me shift out of a victim state of mind.

Now, when I'm not feeling my best I know how to reset my mind and give my body what it needs. I just feel so happy and balanced."

Jen C.

"Imagine losing the fear of doing the things you love because you not only felt good, but you saw yourself in a brighter light. I am so grateful to Hana and this program and I will continue to practice all that I have learned."

Tali B.

"I’ve been in such a routine of fearing my period every month and how it makes me feel and it is such a relief to think of it as an introverted time and to embrace it. Now I let myself be home and say no to plans and it is such a relief and a good time! I know it’s only going to get better and I’m so happy this came into my life!!!"