The Key to Mastering Our Emotions

meditation Sep 09, 2023

Our emotions are like a wild horse - if left untamed they will run out of control, get distracted, fall prey to stubbornness, and take us wherever they want to. 

Our mind is the rider that sits in the saddle and is therefore in a position to tame the wild horse. But what if our mind is impaired? Untrained? Inexperienced? Ignorant and green? Then the horse being bigger and stronger will take the rider wherever it wants to go. 

We must train our minds and empower the rider to tame the horse thus mastering our emotions. Much like a wild horse, our emotions are powerful and if harnessed, focused, and controlled we are capable of accomplishing great feats. 

So how do we train our minds and in turn master our emotions? You might have guessed....


I could go on and on about the benefits of meditation - the positive impact is has on our nervous system, our mental clarity, our hormones, etc etc. But in this case it is more important for you to just take action and keep it simple. 

Basic Meditation Guidelines:

  • Sit up straight, shoulders back, hands in your lap, soften your gaze.
  • Direct your focus to your breath. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. 
  • Every time a thought comes up (which they will) just say to yourself, "oh, that's a thought" and then refocus on your breath. Inhale and exhale. 
  • Start with 5 minutes and gradually build slowly but surely training your mind which in turn will train your emotions. 

Just as you wouldn't expect to jump right into a marathon after a sedentary lifestyle, you can't expect to be a master meditator over night. It's likely that you'll get distracted, uncomfortable, impatient, and bored when you first begin but practice being gentle yet firm with yourself. Ask yourself why meditating is important, how it can benefit you, why it's necessary in your daily routine just as regular practices such as brushing your teeth, taking showers, and maintaining a clean home, moving your body, and eating nourishing foods. 

It won't be easy at first but with time and discipline you will be able to train your mind, access this reflective stillness, and ultimately master your emotions.  

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