Decode the Color of Your Flow

hormone balancing Apr 12, 2023

Our periods are often referred to as the “5th Vital Sign” meaning that they provide incredible insight into what is going on with our overall health! Your period is a key indicator of what imbalances need attention, where energy is stagnating in your body, and determines the individualized strategy that needs to be implemented in order to bring you back into harmony. As a women's holistic health specialist I really hone in on this facet of my client's wellbeing - even if they have already gone through menopause or do not experience a period. 

Gynecologically speaking the color of your period blood may not be all that relevant to your doctor but this is really what makes Chinese Medicine incredibly effective as a preventative healing approach. What may seem like insignificant symptoms are actually incredibly valuable messages from your body that something isn't quite right. Cramps, back pain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, bloating, fatigue, etc may be common but they're far from "normal". If left unaddressed these abnormalities could potentially lead to more sinister pathological conditions so it is VERY important to take action and take control of your health immediately. 

While it takes an experienced practitioner to paint a clear picture of your imbalances and unique healing requirements, I want to give you a simple and straightforward place to begin your self-education.

Below you'll see the most common expressions of period blood and what they may indicate:

1. Ideal color: crimson or cranberry red, and the consistency should be pretty similar to what you’d see if you were bleeding from any other part of your body. From a Chinese medicine perspective, an average cycle length should be between 28-35 days, with 3-5 days of moderate bleeding.

2. Deficient Qi and Blood: pale pink blood, especially with a watery consistency, indicates a deficiency and you may also experience symptoms like bloating, fatigue, and a feeling of heaviness or cramping around your period.

3. Blood Stasis: more purplish and often with large clots. If this stagnation persists over a long period of time, it can lead to what Chinese medicine terms “blood stasis,” which usually presents as very dark, almost purplish blood with large clots. This can include conditions like endometriosis and fibroids and usually involves very intense, sharp, stabbing cramps and heavy flow.

4. Qi Stagnation: brown or dark blood with clots indicates that there is liver qi stagnation. Any interruption in the smooth flow of Qi can lead to stagnation symptoms around the period, especially cramps, headaches, and breast pain. The liver is easily affected by stress so that you may notice an appearance or increase of these symptoms during any particularly stressful months.

5. Heat: bright red blood that is thick, almost mucous-like, is usually an indication of heat (think inflammation). It may be accompanied by symptoms such as a fever, foul-smelling discharge, or severe pelvic pain.

Interesting, right? However, it isn't knowledge or learning alone that produces change and's taking ACTION! If you want to receive guidance on what steps to take to heal naturally with Chinese Medicine schedule a FREE Consultation with me by clicking HERE. In this Clarity Call you will learn what has been holding you back from having the body, the health, and the mindset necessary to experiencing an energized, vibrant, and optimized life!

In just 15 minutes you'll feel incredibly clear on what action steps to take, practices to implement, foods to eat for your ideal body, and also an opportunity to discover how Chinese Medicine can help you break through any past barriers and achieve what you really want.

Happy Healing!




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