Want to speak with me 1:1?

Chances are you know in your heart if The Balanced Woman program calls to you. I trust that the universe brings women into my work who are wholeheartedly committed to transforming their lives - body, mind, and spirit. But, if you have a question or want to be 100% sure this is right for you, let's connect over zoom and make sure it's feeling aligned. 

I'm happy to offer you a free 15-minute 1:1 session where we'll explore how working with me can help you overcome what has been holding you back from having the body, the health, and the mindset necessary to creating an energized, vibrant, and purposeful life!


Important note: If you have to cancel or reschedule your session for any reason, I ask that you please give me 48 hours notice.

It's not information or knowledge that leads to transformation, it's taking aligned action.

I'm here to guide you so that you know the right steps to take for YOU.

Liz F.

“Hana is always so thorough and really spends the time to understand the root cause of any issue I’m having, rather than simply treating symptoms. Her knowledge of women’s and hormonal health, the impact of certain foods on the body and many other topics is both impressive and comforting."

Janis L.

“She was able to do more in one session than months of trying to heal via traditional ways. I trust her completely with my body and spirit and highly recommend her and her programs to other women who are seeking healing and a lifestyle change. She has healed my digestion, brought balance to my hormonal cycle and eased pain that I learned to live with throughout my life."

Molly F.

“Hana’s attentiveness and genuine desire to help her clients is unmatched! Beyond the physical benefits, you will leave each session with peace of mind knowing you have someone who will listen and do everything she can to help you be and feel your best.”

As women, we tend to put everyone else's needs ahead of our own.
Trust me, learning to put yourself first will empower you to give from a place of abundance instead of exhaustion.