Learn How to Heal Your Body, Master Your Emotions, and Transform Your Life

Take control of your health in just 60 minutes!

Balance Your Hormones Naturally!

Learn How to Heal Your Body, Master Your Emotions, and Transform Your Life

Take control of your health in just 60 minutes!

In this transformative workshop you will... 

  • Learn how Eastern Medicine can help you balance your hormones without relying on birth control, pharmaceuticals, and/or surgery.
  • Understand how to use food as medicine to transform your body, release excess weight, heal your gut, and have glowing skin.
  • Get my proven practice to feel physically and emotionally centered all month long.


Kristin R.

"I have more energy, consciousness of self-care, less muscle & neck soreness, less headaches, choose more nourishing foods, and feel empowered. Hana has provided me with the framework, a whole quiver of new foods, routines, tools, ideas to nourish my body mind & soul."

Jaylynn W.

I came to this program struggling with anxiety and depression on a daily basis and I didn’t realize how deeply rooted it was in my daily life. I have learned to recognize and acknowledge these feelings and now have expansive toolkit to work through these issues and resolve them. I now approach every day with resilience, feeling centered and calm, even when stressful and overwhelming situations come up.”

Doris M.

"Hana is an absolute gift to women struggling to figure any and all aspects of their lives. For the first time, in years, I have started to shed the weight and feel comfortable in my own skin again. Hana and her amazing gift have nourished me to feel connected and rewarded by my body."

About Hana 


I can guide you because I have walked this path myself…

 In 2014 I felt lost. I was depressed, heavier than I had ever been, directionless, and disconnected from myself, my relationships, and the world around me. My mood was unstable, my period inconsistent, I was deeply tired no matter what, and my body ached for no apparent reason.

I tried one diet and exercise regime after another, saw doctors, therapists, naturopaths, and nutritionists but nothing worked until I focused on healing my hormones with the right foods combined with a dedicated effort to understand the role my emotional imbalances played in my poor health. I’ve shed my layers of weight, balanced my hormones, worked through my blockages, created new emotional patterns, discovered peace within myself, found purpose in my life, and I am ready to serve women EVERYWHERE so that they may heal as I have.

I am a licensed and board certified Acupuncturist in New York and North Carolina and a certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I have a masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, a pre-med degree in Health Education, and a minor in Public Health.

Tali B.

I’ve been in such a routine of fearing my period every month and how it makes me feel and it is such a relief to think of it as an introverted time and to embrace it. Now I let myself be home and say no to plans and it is such a relief and a good time! I know it’s only going to get better and I’m so happy this came into my life!!!"

Isabella C.

"In 2016 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and after 5 surgeries I was left with no uterus, fallopian tubes, or cervix. I was still at a loss because my hormones were still unbalanced and I was still suffering. I reached out to Hana because I was desperate to understand myself and figure out a way to really heal myself once and for all. Hana helped me overcome a lot of blockages I had been ignoring and putting aside. Through our work together I was able to finally fully accept myself for who I am, really accept myself with all my imperfections, I was able to meet myself where I was at and learn how to balance my hormones."

Caitlin D.

"After going off of birth control after being on it for 10 years I was all out of whack and I didn't know how to get back on track. It was crippling, I tried supplements, mediation, breath work, but none of it actually helped. I knew I needed a coach to help me. Hana creates such a safe space, I feel like I am able to speak my truth, and also share about my past experiences without feeling judged."