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Toxic Patterns of Repressed Anger

Toxic Patterns of Repressed Anger

podcast Mar 14, 2024

Your anger is speaking to you through your physical and emotional symptoms. Sometimes it's like a quiet whisper of frustration, impatience, mild tension headaches, and teeth grinding. And other times it is screaming at you, begging you to listen through explosive outbursts, feelings of hopelessness, crippling periods, and dramatic arguments with loved ones.

When we look deeper at the truth of our anger and the messages it is trying to send us, it becomes evident that something needs to change.

Anger is meant to move and inspire us to take action. It is the raw, enthusiastic, unstoppable, fiercely motivated energy we need to break apart old systems, patterns, and beliefs so that we can give birth to a new reality and a new way of being.

I always think about Martin Luther King Jr. and just how angry he must've been about the civil injustices he witnessed in this country, his community, and in his personal life. His anger roused a paradigm shattering and much needed movement which ushered in an era founded on a dream of true equality and respect.

Have you been feeling impatient, frustrated, moody, and sensitive? Or maybe you’re struggling with some physical symptoms like PMS, painful periods, headaches, indigestion, and tension in your neck and shoulders? If so, chances are there is some unresolved anger at the root of what you’re feeling and experiencing and it's time to rethink the way you perceive your impatience, frustration and downright rage. 

In this episode I shed light on the toxic loop of repressing our anger and how this affects our physical and mental wellbeing and life as a whole. Additionally, I offer you powerful insights and a proven practice to release your anger and feel less reactive and more present, patient, and receptive so that you can navigate your relationships and communicate with more grace and ease.

Your anger is sacred and it’s time for you to listen to the deeper messages about what needs to change and shift in your life so that it feels more aligned!




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