Why putting your needs first is necessary...

Mar 23, 2024

I’m often asked how I have the energy to do everything I do and not be drained and exhausted from helping people navigate some heavy physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. 

I work pretty extensive hours - I treat multiple in-person patients, spend several hours in session with online clients, record podcast episodes, facilitate retreats, edit the book I wrote in January, write my blog and weekly newsletter, create content for social media, hold free workshops, and run all the backend of my business (including everything you see on my website).

Plus, I cook 95% of our meals, support my family members, neighbors, friends, and husband, workout, meditate, and walk my dog 2-3 times a day. 

I know I'm not alone in this, most women I work with are just as busy if not busier than me but oftentimes the difference is that they're struggling with burnout, overwhelm, low productivity, and strained relationships. 

The key to my success, resilience, and sustainable ability to be of service to others and massive productivity? I put myself first. 

This isn't an easy shift for many of us, but I do this because I know that when I am well rested, nourished, physically active, and mentally at peace I can show up for my clients, my loved ones, and my life with infinitely greater impact, patience, and compassion. 

If you are ready to be of service to others and live a life that is vibrant, passionate, and powerful you are welcome to join us in my 6-month apprenticeship where I teach you EVERYTHING you need to be your best self so that you can help others become their best too. 

If you feel called to join our heart-centered community of women, we begin April 18th, you can learn more and apply by clicking HERE!






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