Give yourself permission to rest

Dec 27, 2023

Winter is FINALLY here. And I don't know about you but it feels like everything I've been waiting for - an opportunity to slow down, turn inwards, and retreat from the world. 

We live in a society that emphasizes productivity, hard work, and pushing ourselves to the extreme. While these are all valuable qualities, it’s important to know when to rest and when to challenge ourselves.

This time of the year is your permission slip to just be. Be with yourself, be with your loved ones, be free to float in the expansive abyss that it this moment in time. 

I know it's tempting to keep pushing, it's what society has trained us for all of these years. But we must consciously deprogram and quiet down the external pressures and instead amplify our inner voice. This inner wise woman is the one who tells us what we truly need in order to feel restored, at peace, and clear. 

So again, give yourself permission to just pause. Embrace the stillness. Just be. Listen. 

Have faith in our inherent cyclical nature - if we rest now we’ll have an abundance of energy to draw upon come Spring ♥️

Here are a few simple tips to embrace this season:

❄️ Focus on soups, stews, and slow cooked foods.

❄️ Go to bed earlier and rise just before sunrise.

❄️ Curl up by the fire or use a heating pad on your lower back and abdomen, especially before bed.

❄️ Avoid any cold food or beverages.




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