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Isabelle's Journey to Overcoming Postpartum Depression

Isabelle's Journey to Overcoming Postpartum Depression

interviews Sep 12, 2023

Isabelle joined The Balanced Woman back in March 2023 when she was at the peak of her postpartum depression. If this is something that you or someone you love is struggling with I HIGHLY recommend listening to our quick 8 minute interview  - her insights, honesty, and advice are life-changing.

As a mother of 3 who also works a full time job, Isabelle understands the importance of community, self-love, and compassion for herself and other women. The healing journey can often be lonely and isolating so Isabelle has been gracious enough to offer her time and wisdom to those who are considering joining our community in The Balanced Woman. Click HERE to send her an email and schedule a FREE 15-minute Clarity Call so that you can ask her ALL about her experience in my 3 month online program. 

You can also read her reflections below :).   


What were you struggling with that initially brought you to the Balanced Woman community? 

"I was at the peak of postpartum depression when I first started this program back in March. I was not in a healthy place mentally, physically, emotionally. I felt very isolated in my relationships, I didn’t know my purpose in life, I felt lost, I didn’t know or recognize myself. It was as if I gave birth and just lost myself along the way. And I was suffering from major hormonal imbalance being postpartum and after delivering my baby (she was 9 pounds 9 ounces! And I have had thyroid issues in the past, with my first pregnancy)."

How has your mindset and your sense of self-worth and self-esteem improved?
"Oh my gosh- it had improved 100 fold! When I say I was low, I really mean I was at the depths of the ocean lowest of lows in my life. I don’t think I’d ever hit this low- or if I have, it’s been a while and it was different this go-around. I don’t think I’d ever lost mt sense of self or identity than when I had kids, and it’s not to say it’s their fault because it most certainly isn’t. But I think it goes to that mentality that I love them more than I love myself, which is flawed because they are a part of me, and loving me and taking care of me also means loving and taking care of them too. I don’t think I had that sense of self worth and self esteem prior to this program, at least in the last 4 years when I first became a mom. It’s funny because I freaking love my babies more than life itself- literally! And I almost got swept away in that mental state because I poured so much into them and into the life I wanted them to have- never having to second guess their worth, that they would grow up with unconditional love from me (and from my husband too), that they would be in a safe and nurturing environment that allowed them to challenge themselves, each other, their surroundings, while still feeling supported and encouraged. I tried so hard to give that to them, that I kinda forgot to give that to myself. And this program really helped me get back to …me! To provide this same environment for myself that I do badly wanted to provide, and still do, for my kids. I’m telling you, parenthood is a trip! The best trip, and I’ve read- you might lose yourself a little bit along the way, but boy oh boy do you find your soul. And this program helped me come back home to myself and find my soul."

What shifts in your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and life as a whole have you experienced since we started working together?

"I’m still working on the physical health portion, but I’ve started to incorporate shaking/dancing it out (I’ve forgotten how much I love to just move around and shake it out!). I also love the tummy rubs (clockwise 100 times, though I never make it to 100). I might not be at my ideal weight and shape yet, but every day, I make it a goal to at least get outside and move my body in some way shape or form. Emotionally, I think I have grown more through this program. There are so many things I’ve learned, but perhaps the most profound lesson has been to recenter, and come back to myself; to rediscover my inner self in a deeper way that I don’t think I had ever done before. I don’t think I’ve ever loved myself more deeply than I do now. I think I still have a ways to go, and in some ways, this is a lifelong journey and evolution- to continue to love and work through my inner self and nurture her. But, you, Hana, and this program has nurtured me in a way that I am forever changed. I came into this program not knowing anything about my elemental constitution, my purpose and calling... And I’m coming out of it whether tools and skill sets, such as the mindset shift and eating and cooking in alignment with the elemental phase/season that I’m in. I am coming out of this program genuinely on the other side of depression, of the tunnel that I was in. Do I still have challenges? Daily. Do I still get overwhelmed? Sure. Have I had mental breakdowns since this program?Absolutely. I just had one last night/yesterday! But I think what’s changed is how I handle it, how I mentally endure and push through. I now understand my purpose and calling in a deeper way, I love myself- genuinely love myself in a way I can’t honestly say I ever have, and that will continue to evolve and grow deeper as time goes on. But I didn’t know I had to forgive myself first in order to love myself in this deeper way. I now have the tools and system in place to shift my mind so that whenever I get overwhelmed, I am aware of it, and I choose to either sit in the feeling for a moment or move through it. I can’t say I was able to do that, effectively or well, until I did this program…and I credit a lot of this to the live calls and talking with you, Hana, and listening tj the lectures and understanding it. And asking questions whenever I didn’t understand something. And ultimately just showing myself patience and grace, and giving myself space to just be. So thank you Hana, for teaching me that. I will forever be in debt to you for the amount of wealth and knowledge you have given to me these past months."

What changes have you seen in your relationships?
"I’m happier- genuinely more present and happier - with myself! I’m not perfect, and I still have my days. But I can tell I have more good days now than bad. And this positive relationship with myself has had a trickle down effect with my other relationships with important people in my nucleus - in my inner circle. I’m more mindful of how I am/can come off to my husband which has in turn helped with better communication and partnership. By loving myself, I can love on him in a deeper and more empathetic way. The love for my kids was never waivering. In fact, at times, I feel I love them more than I loved myself. But I think it’s healthier now in that I understand in order to love and nurture them that is healthy for me too, I also have to consider myself, nurture and care for myself in the same way i nurture and care for others. And that’s something that still takes getting used to for me (I’m not used to asking for help, prioritizing myself, caring for myself the way I care for the babies), but I’m aware of it and know it is an equal part of the equation."

What do you like best about working with me?
"Oh gosh, I could go on forever but I’ll start with this- I love your energy, your values, your calming nature, I love how you were able to help me recenter, you listened to me talk on and on and on and your love and ears never wavered. You approach life and everything we throw at you with ease and no judgment. You are incredibly relatable, you are easy to talk to and open up to. I have found I’m oddly incredibly connected with and to you in so many ways, more ways than one (oddly in that I know we’ve only known each other for 3 months and yet I feel like we were sisters in a precious life!). I feel so aligned with what you stand for and what you’re doing with this program and your values and approach to life and challenges, and I think from day 1 you’ve been so easy to work with and be around. I think that is what I’ll miss most. The conversations, the stories, the bonding. The healing part, I get. I know my strengths, I know my shadows, I know my tendencies when I get stressed and I know the tools in place for how to mitigate the stress/challenges/work through them. But I think the bonding and the dialogue is most definitely what I will miss the most. I’m so saddened to let go even as I type this!"

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
"I just love you. I love what you’re doing with this program and community. I have found that I just don’t want to live without this community. I feel more healed than I was when I first started, and while I’ve gone through the whole program, I just want to stay engaged and help others now!"


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