How Brigitte Made the Leap from Anxious and Afraid to Entrepreneurial and Aligned!

interviews Jun 07, 2023

Take a moment and imagine that you are standing at a crossroad. To your left is a continuation of the same path that you’ve been on and to the right is a new path that is full of potential and promise. You know that if you stay on the same path it is comfortable, safe, and familiar. But you also know that this path will inevitably produce the same, disappointing and unfulfilling results.

Then, you look to your right. This path is bigger with new and unexplored adventures, a diversity of people and opportunities and you feel a sense of excitement starting to build as your heart beats a little faster. But then you feel a little tinge of fear because you know that once you go down this path you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone and trust the other people who have walked this path successfully to guide you on your journey.

When it comes to our health, if we want different results, we must be willing to make different choices and to pursue new avenues of being. If we want to feel vibrant, energized, clear-headed, and healthy for a lifetime we must be willing to make choices and commit to something that expands our capacity and helps us become the most aligned and balanced versions of ourselves.

Brigitte Canty is one such woman who dove whole-heartedly into this new path which resulted in her becoming an incredibly successful, impactful, and powerful entrepreneur and woman.

I recently caught up with her an entire YEAR after we worked together and it was incredibly gratifying and exciting to hear how her life has evolved as a result of her time in The Balanced Woman.

When she first joined The Balanced Woman she was at a big transition point in her life. She had just graduated college and and had such a strong sense of what she wanted her life to look like but felt like she was so out of control with the direction it was all going.

“I had just left a job that took me to the east coast and with that I left all of my best friends, some of them friends I had done everything with since I was 14. I moved back to LA feeling completely isolated, anxious, and hesitant. I knew my move was the right decision but I still felt completely lost trying to navigate through life without any sense of balance.

I no longer recognized myself because I felt like life had left my body and I was just a shell of myself going throughout my days. I had no appreciation for the life I was living, rather only cared about outside validation from people who held no true place in my life.

My self-confidence was at an all time low and I had lost all self worth because of the opinion of a single boy.”

This huge shift affected her physical and emotional health and manifested as acne, stomach issues, and crippling anxiety, according to her she was “an absolute mess”.

It was a blessing to watch her develop that extraordinary sense of self that emerges through the consistent daily practices, individualized support, accountability, and personal guidance women receive through my program.

“Everything has changed!!! I feel so full of life and connected to everyone around me whom I love so much. I navigated my way back into a confident, independent person and have completely restored and improved all of my relationships because of it. Once my spirits increased, I saw a direct correlation to the improvement of my relationships because I was back in a place of only wanting the best for everyone in my life.

I am back to being my outgoing, wild self who is extremely motivated and confident. The Balanced Woman helped me regain control of my self-worth and stop seeking outside validation to feel content with who I am.”

A BIG thing I emphasize in my work with women is that this is an investment in an education that is designed to serve you for a lifetime. It isn’t some temporary fix. Understanding who you are on a deeply intimate level, why you’re here, what your purpose is, and how to heal yourself are all powerful lessons that transform your life.

When I asked Brigitte what the most profound and unexpected changes she experienced over the last year were she said:

“My happiness. I just feel so happy, I walk around and people comment on how happy I look, and this has nothing to do with an “end-result” that I got my life to. This program opened my eyes to the fact that life is about the now, and while happiness fluctuates as life throws unexpected challenges our way that is what makes the good times even better. I am no longer fixated on outcome, now only fixated on enjoying where I am at. (crazy to think that at one point in life I expected happiness to be completely steady rather than realizing in life there is always a balance of yin and yang).”

Professionally, Brigitte has made incredible strides forward in her business Shop Zero, which is an e-commerce marketplace for sustainable fashion brands. Her own values and sense of self is infused into her work and it has evolved into a fashion movement that prioritizes transparency so that consumers know where products come from, what and how they are made of  all with the intent of cultivating holistic sustainability.

We never know where the unexplored path is going to take us, but when we know who we are and we trust that spark of excitement in our hearts it is a guarantee that the life we are actively creating is a reflection of our true selves.

If you are ready to step off the beaten path, achieve results beyond your wildest dreams, and FINALLY feel like the most aligned, influential, and balanced expression of yourself I’m here to guide you every step of the way. This is your invitation to do things differently.

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