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How to get what you want!!!

How to get what you want!!!

podcast Feb 09, 2024

One of the most challenging things I encounter when I first start working with women is shifting their attention away from everything that's wrong in their lives and health. When I ask them what they really want they begin to rattle off a laundry list of all the reasons they're unhappy, unhealthy, disappointed in themselves, angry, depressed, and out of balance. They tell me that they don't want to be anxious, they don't want to be in pain, they don't want to feel directionless, they don't want their partners to get under their skin, they don't want to be exhausted and impatient with their children, they don't want to be frustrated with their jobs. 

So I ask them again, "what is it that you really want? If you could imagine your dream body in 6 months to a year from now, what would that look and feel like? No shoulds, have tos, or limitations. What do you really want?"

It's usually the second time I ask that something clicks and the ideas, inspirations, and dreams begin to open up and flow. There is a perceptible shift in their energy - they're more excited, hopeful, and positive which is the exact right state of mind and being they need in order to actually get what they want. 

We must give ourselves permission to dream, to see beyond what we're struggling with, to imagine a future version of ourselves that is brighter and happier. Then, we have to take action and make it happen!

Want my guidance? Listen to the second episode of my podcast where we dive into a powerful visioning exercise to help you get clear on what you want, who you hope to become, and how the wisdom of your past experiences are the key stepping stones to get you there.




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