The Most Common Exercise Misconceptions

hormone balancing May 26, 2023

Let’s talk exercise misconceptions!

Have you said any of these things to yourself in the past?

⚡️The more I exercise the better I'll feel.
⚡️I need to push myself if I ever want to see results.
⚡️It doesn’t matter if I’m tired, this workout will help.
⚡️Pain is weakness leaving the body.
⚡️It's just mind over matter.
⚡️No pain, no gain.

As a classically trained ballerina and marathon runner I’m no stranger to any of these notions. I pushed myself so hard for years and truly believed that if I just did more more more that I would look and feel the way I wanted to. I did what I thought was right: I cross trained, lifted weights, swam, went to yoga, PLUS I took rest days and baths, stretched, got massages in addition to working out but my body still felt puffy, heavy, and low energy.

So what finally changed? How did I not only lose 30 plus pounds but also find myself in a position of exercising significantly less?

I learned about the power and importance of exercising in rhythm with my hormonal cycle which closely mirrors the 5 Elemental Phases of Chinese Medicine - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. It felt like a HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could finally enjoy exercise instead of seeing it as something I had to force myself to do.

Let me explain:

Have you ever done a workout one week and breezed through it but the next week you were ready to curl up into a ball less than halfway through the EXACT SAME workout?! That is because your body has different metabolic and energetic needs depending on where you're at in your hormonal cycle. It is essential to learn how to exercise in accordance to your current phase: rest at certain times, push yourself at others.

There’s so much to talk about regarding this subject and more than I can cover in a brief blog post. If you’re ready to learn how to actually LOVE exercise, lose weight, build strength, endurance, and tone come to my FREE Heal Holistically with Chinese Medicine Masterclass on Tuesday, May 30th at 1pm EST!

In this Masterclass I will share how to effectively sync your exercise routine with your hormonal cycle AND you will also….

  • Receive a guided practice to powerfully resolve stress, anxiety, and trauma.
  • Become your own holistic healer and no longer rely on birth control, pharmaceuticals, surgery, and/or anyone else when it comes to your wellbeing.
  • Discover your unique body type and a proven, individualized system of healing that will get you the results you've been searching for!

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