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Discover Your Destiny!

Discover Your Destiny!

Feb 29, 2024

According to the ancient Chinese text, the Ling Shu:

“One who remains true to their original nature maintains their relationship with Heaven, receiving the light of the spirits, and knowing, in all circumstances, the rules by which to act. They therefore accomplish the life that Heaven has destined for them since its beginning, unfolding as a function of the natural order inscribed within them.”

This essentially means that when we remain true to ourselves and live according to the inherent guidelines of our Ming, our life unfolds with an almost predestined magic like a rosebud harmoniously blooming into a perfect, one of a kind rose. 

So maybe you’re in a dark place right now and struggling with feeling disconnected, purposeless, and lost. Or maybe you’re doing fine across the board but it feels like your life is lacking any true meaning and you’re just going through the motions every day. 

In these moments of darkness and confusion our Ming has the power to illuminate the righteous, aligned path ahead. It is our inborn potential, spark, and the reason why each of us are here on earth. In modern society it is so easy to lose sight of ourselves, so consider this episode a means of deconditioning societal programming and remembering the unique magic you bring to humanity!

Knowing our deeper why, our Ming, stokes the inner fire of determination that incinerates any obstacles and challenges in the path to fulfilling our destiny. It is our true north, our barometer, our means of measuring if we are living in a way that is true to our authentic, unique selves. This is what allows our existence to feel beautiful, effortless, and full of grace. 

Want to hear more and learn how to discover your Ming? Give this recent podcast episode a listen!




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