3 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

hormone balancing Mar 23, 2023

Your hormones aren’t the problem, they're the solution.

Hormones are chemical messengers which alert you when something in your body, mind, and/or life is out of alignment. When we experience hormonal imbalances it’s an indicator that there is a deeper problem brewing that needs to be addressed. Our hormones tirelessly deliver us early warning signs - they’re the canaries in the coal mines crying out when danger is lurking in the dark and they’re our greatest allies on the winding journey to true balance and wellbeing.

First and foremost, how do you know that it’s your hormones that are out of balance? Many of these seemingly insignificant symptoms are often dismissed by doctors as “normal” but that is where Chinese Medicine really shines. Chinese Medicine is preventative because it hones in on these little details, these distinct canaries, to paint a clear and accurate picture of your unique health presentation. This is important because when you listen to the early warning signs and take action it ensures that you nip these imbalances in the bud before they turn into BIG thorny problems.

Here are some signs that you’re out of balance and need to take action to support your hormonal wellbeing:

Physical: PMS, bloating, chronic fatigue, hot flashes, difficulty losing/gaining weight, headaches, constipation/diarrhea, acne, hair loss, brain fog, easy bruising, injuries that are slow to heal

Emotional: mood swings, compulsive behaviors, anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of motivation, low libido

Spiritual: low self-esteem, disconnected, doubtful and afraid, hopeless, lack of motivation

And if you’re experiencing louder warning signs (maybe because no one taught you to pay attention and listen to the quieter signs mentioned above) you may be experiencing more severe signs and symptoms -  the ones that are deafening and consume your body, mind, emotions, and life with their noise.

These more severe symptoms may manifest as:

PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, endometriosis, cancer, early/difficult menopause, total disinterest in sex, heart issues, challenging pregnancies, wrinkles, dark spots, hair loss, complete disconnection, etc. 


Whether you’re working on tuning in to the canary’s chirps or experiencing full blown collapses of mine shafts, the following recommendations are an important place to begin focusing on for a lifetime of hormonal balance:

1. Track the 5 Different phases of your cycle:

Did you know that you have five distinct phases of your approximately 28 day hormonal cycle? In school we learn about our periods and vaguely what time of the month we can get pregnant but our education typically ends there. Furthermore, Western Medicine only recognizes 4 different hormonal phases whereas I emphasize five. So in addition to our Menstrual phase we also move through a Follicular phase, an Ovulatory phase, a Luteal phase, and a Late Luteal phase (Western Medicine categorizes the Luteal phase as one long stretch). You’re probably asking yourself, “why is this important?” Understanding this is the key to not only healing your hormones but learning how to leverage your five distinct hormonal phases to optimize your physical health, resolve emotional blockages and trauma, develop resilience to the inevitable challenges of life, and to foster nurturing relationships and a life you’re passionate about! This concept is one of the foundational pillars of what I teach women in all of my programs, especially in my 3 month online program - The Balanced Woman.

*Note, even if you don’t get a period you still move through 5 distinct hormonal phases throughout the month so it’s essential to keep track of it by aligning with the moon phases.

2. Eat in accordance to your hormonal phases:

Dieting doesn’t work and neither does ignoring your cravings. Our bodies needs different minerals and nutrients at different phases throughout the month and this is typically why you crave chocolate, fried foods, salty foods, etc at varying times. The solution? Rotate your fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, seeds, and beans to satisfy the needs of your specific hormonal phases.

3. Move in accordance to your hormonal phases:

Have you ever been to a workout class of any kind one week and you kinda just breeze through it? You feel energized, strong, flexible, invigorated and walk out feeling AMAZING? But then the next week you want to curl up in child’s pose 5 minutes in and feel more exhausted after your class than you did before? It’s because our energetic capacity shifts throughout the 5 different phases of our hormonal cycle! We have significantly less energy during our Late Luteal and Menstrual phases and progressively more energy during our Follicular, Ovulatory, and Luteal phases. The takeaway? You don’t need to push yourself 3-5 times a week throughout the month. You’ll get better results, build more muscle, and feel more energized if you scale back on your workouts during your Late Luteal and Menstrual phases and push yourself more during your Ovulatory and Luteal phase.


Ready to learn more?

This is a BIG topic and it’s something that ALL women need to be intimately familiar with regardless of their age or current health presentation. If you’d like to learn more about how to heal your hormones holistically so that you no longer have to rely on bandaids like birth control, pharmaceuticals, or unnecessary surgeries please come to my FREE live Masterclass where I will teach you how to Heal Holistically with Chinese Medicine. Click HERE to sign up, the class is next Thursday, March 30th at 7:30pm EST.




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